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Thursday, July 23, 2009

(512) turns a year old!

New (512) Shirt with John's pic. It kind of looks like a ghost hand to me.

It's an anniversary party, and there's going to be cake! (512) Brewery turns a year old, and they are throwing a party to celebrate on Saturday, August 1st, 2-5 pm. Check out this blog for more deets.

I'd like to take a moment and post about (512). If you haven't had their pecan porter, you haven't really lived. This is one of my favorite porters, and I do love my porters. It is dark and has the rich smell of pecans. Smell it. you'll like it.

Many moons ago, my friend Nikki and I were driving to a dog show in Utah when I thought, "Why don't I make a line of recipes based entirely off beer?" I came up with a list of dishes: beer cake, beer pie, beer maple syrup, beer bread, beer pancakes, etc... We got pretty excited, yes, we did. I called John from Utah and instructed him to contact Kevin @512brewing with the idea. John does photography as a hobby for (512). Very soon after, the Drunken German Chocolate Cupcake was created. I also recently made Drunken Lamingtons with the (512) Pecan Porter.

Anyways, go to the party. Grab a shirt. Have some cake. Have some booze. Then head over to Cupcake Smackdown1.0.

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