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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surprise! It's Cover 3!

Anyone want to guess where these tasty dishes are from? Photos by John Knox.

Beef Tenderloin Slider with Calamari

Parmesan Fries

Crab Tower

Scallop with white wine and goat cheese sauce

Sauteed Gulf Snapper with crab, lemon caper butter, and pistachios

Filet Mignon Topped with Gorgonzola Butter

If you hadn't guessed from the title, these dishes are from Cover 3. I went here last week for a complimentary tasting, and I was pleasantly surprised. Expecting a typical sports bar, I thought we'd be tasting quesadillas, chips with pace salsa, and greasy cheeseburgers. Cover 3 boasts classier menu that would be date appropriate on game night. Since I know little to nothing about sports, I cannot speak for the sports-y atmosphere. However, the atmosphere and pleasant staff makes the experience enjoyable for those who aren't going to be glued to the televisions.

The dishes presented where fairly well-executed and tasty. My take on the menu items were spruced up versions of American restaurant fare. Instead of plain fries, they have Parmesan fries. Instead of guacamole dip, they offer a chilled shrimp and crab tower with avocado. Personal favorites were the beef tenderloin sliders served "French Dip Style" and the chilled shrimp and crab tower. I felt that the beef tenderloin was extremely tender (as it should be) and served on a soft buttery roll. The sandwich could have stood alone without sauces, and I felt that the roasted onion jus sauce was way too powerful. I liked the chilled shrimp and crab tower for the simplicity of the dish. It was fresh plain seafood with fresh avocado. The shrimp and crab wasn't covered up and overpowered by a bunch of flavors to hide the freshness or unfreshness of the seafood. However, if you like your dishes complex, this probably isn't the dish for you.

While I can't speak for all of the dishes at Cover 3, I will mention that their Chop-house burger with cheese and bacon was placed at number 12 of Texas Monthly's 50 Best Burgers in Texas. I haven't had the burger itself, so I guess I can't speak for it either.

Other randomness about Cover 3:

-Large patio that is dog-friendly as long as no other patron complain. But really, this is Austin. If you don't like dogs, go back to Houston.

-They have some very cool Ice Cobra Beer Taps. Photo of one here. The neck section is literally covered with ice. It's pretty cool.

-They do have a nice little wine room, but I did not look at their wine list or prices.

Cover 3 was a nice surprise. I look forward to returning to try out their Chop-house burger, and seeing if they get local beers on tap.

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