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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drunken Lamingtons

Lamingtons are delicious, and have often been described as a "snowball." Lamingtons are a traditional snack (I hear that I'm not supposed to call it a dessert) in Australia, and I had my first at a little bakery in College Station called Patty Cakes. Patty Cakes has since closed. *cry cry cry cry cry* When I found out the news a week ago, I was determined to make my own lamingtons, drunken style. They are yellow sponge cake covered with a chocolate syrup and rolled in coconut. The classic recipe for this is widely available on the internet, so I won't post it here.

My twist on the lamingtons is that I added beer (Shiner Bock for this particular batch) to the cake batter, and (512) Pecan Porter to the chocolate syrup. My recipe is not currently being posted. Here are some pics of how it is done though. All photos by John Knox, so he doesn't sue me.

Beer Cake

Dipping the cake in chocolate syrup

Cake can fall apart easily. Refrigerate quickly to set the syrup.

More Dipping

Finished product!

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