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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who wants to be a Cupcake Smackdown1.0 judge?

Wanna judge at Cupcake Smackdown1.0? Here's your chance to judge the People's Blind Tasting Contest!

For the first 10 people to @me on twitter will get the chance to judge either the catered cupcake or the storefront cupcake category for a $25 donation to the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas. It will be a blind tasting. You'll need to show up at at One-2-One Bar no later than 3:15 pm on August 1st to claim your spot. Please bring exact change ($25).

@Me on Twitter with why you would make a great cupcake judge. I want creativity here. I'm looking for more than something like "I like to eat sweets." Include #cupcakeriot in your tweet. You may only use 1 tweet so choose your 140 characters wisely. If you follow all the instructions, I will @ you back letting you know your place on the list. I will also be taking up to 5 standby judges. If you do not show up at One-2-One Bar by 3:15 pm, you will forfeit your judge's spot to a standby. If you do not follow all the instructions, I won't @you with a confirmation.

Do NOT call me for this. I went through 500 minutes in the last week for Cupcake Smackdown. I have no more minutes. Do NOT email me. I have well over 1000 emails in my inbox with the word cupcake in it. @me on Twitter is the only way to get your spot to judge.

Happy Twittering! My twitter handle is :MisoHungry

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  1. Oh man, do I wish we could go... we're so tied up with Logan's art show that I don't think there's any way! It's so exciting to hear all the buzz. Sounds like your event will be completely awesome.