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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MisoHungry Makes it with Moonshine

The blog is evolving, and I've been contemplating on changing up the blog a bit for a few reasons.

1. There's a food business in Austin now with a similar name. I'm not associated with them, and I'm very commonly mistaken for that business.

2. I was asked "Do you ever make anything without booze?" "Um..... hmmm........ um.... no. I guess not." Not often anyways. The bulk of my recipes have alcohol.

3. "I thought you were the cupcake fairy." I do make cupcakes quite frequently because they are easy to give away, easy to decorate, and fairy quick to make. I do other desserts as well, but cupcakes are the easiest to pass out.

I pondered for a while about switching the name completely, or just having two areas on my blog. I decided to just merge the names to something new, keeping the original blog name and my twitter handle. The new name is MisoHungry Makes it with Moonshine.

The MisoHungry part still focuses on traditional Asian recipes, food events, reverse engineering recipes (which mostly wind up with booze anyways), and restaurant reviews. The Make it with Moonshine part brings in all my boozy cooking, including the cupcakes. In addition, Make it with Moonshine will include reviews of Austin and Central TX restaurant dishes containing alcohol, features on local breweries, wineries, and distilleries, posts on the booze I use in my cooking, and original recipes. Some upcoming recipes: aqua fresca, beer pork tenderloin, Frangelico truffle brownies in a creme brandy sauce, brandy brie, roasted beer chicken, beer bread, and red wine salmon.

So how much alcohol do I own? A plethora. My cabinet looks like Fino. My fridge is mostly beer, home-brewed mostly. I have a wine collection that would make a wine snob jealous.

How much alcohol do I drink? Not much. I'm Asian. I'm not that big. I don't have ADLH2. That means I can't drink very much. Just one huckleberry rita at Roaring Fork will take me out for 12 hours.

Why do you cook with alcohol then? Flavor. Flavor. Flavor. It tastes DAAAAAAMN good. It gives dishes a different kick.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating! Just 9 more days until Cupcake Smackdown1.0!

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