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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant Happy Hour

Let's keep this short and sweet.  Asian cuisine offerings have been limited for the last decade that I've lived in Austin.  There were just a handful of restaurants that I might even think about taking my first generation parents to visit.  I'm a second generation immigrant, native Mandarin and Taiwanese speaker, and yes, I'm naturalized now. 

I had the chance to try Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant last night at their complimentary Happy Hour.  The steamed dishes I had were quite delicious, and I'm quite certain that the food does NOT have preservatives.  I would know in a not fun way.  One of the problems with many dim sum restaurants these days is that the food is ordered frozen from large manufactures and full of preservatives. 

My favorite offerings served that night was the sweet custard bun (not sure of the official name on the menu), Char siu baau (sweet pork bbq bun pronounced more like Tsaaa soaw bow), and the pastry of the pork bbq croissant (though I would have liked more pork in it).  I appreciated that the battered and fried shrimp, calamari, and chicken were light and crunchy with the meat inside still tender.  I felt that the salt and pepper calamari was just a bit over salted, but the texture was right on the money.  

After sampling the ten dishes that were offered that night, I would feel confident in visiting again for dim sum.  I must return to try the taro coquette which is a benchmark dish in my book.  Also, they do offer dim sum seven days a week (a big advantage) with one cart on weekdays, and full cart service on weekends. For photos and reviews: check out Eating in a Box and Cooking for Engineers.

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  1. Great to see you last night and glad that you had a good experience. Can't wait for the next dim sum party!