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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Globetrotting Cuisine with Tour de Vin

My photographer and I were guests at the Wine and Food Foundation's Tour de Vin.  Tour de Vin is a fabulous food event celebrating wines and food from around the world.  Here's the rest of John Knox's photos, and some of the highlights from the event.

This was one of my favorite dishes.  It is called Bunny Chow from StrEats.  This chow is actually a South African spicy curry fish stew served in a bread bowl.  It is called bunny chow because you are supposed to hold it in both hands and eat it like a bunny.  Michael Vilim of Mirabelle and Castle Hill is opening StrEats on 32nd & Red River.  The restaurant will feature street food from around the world.  Construction of the restaurant starts next week. No website yet.

Fete Accompli's Special was a creamy dip served on a cracker.  Oh so yummy.

Aquarelle served up a fennel tart with carrots.  
ThaiFresh served a deliciously spicy rice ball.  These spicy treats were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. 
 Ecstatic Cuisine served up dates filled with goat cheese and pecans.


  1. "my photographer" - love it! He got some great shots. I absolutely cannot wait for Streat to open - your sample of the Bunny Chow looks quite different from mine, though! Mine was much creamier and heavier on the vegetables.

  2. I tasted food from StrEATs in 2008 at Art Alliance Austin's Art After Dark event. I seriously have waited almost 2 years to have their tofu again...the best I've ever eaten!