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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Recipe Archive

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Traditional Asian Recipes Straight from my FOB kitchen -These recipes were developed by Mother or myself.
    Hot Pot
    Chinese Potage
    Marinated Pork or Chicken with Rice
    Pearl Rice Balls
    Sweet Potato Steamed Dumplings
    Taro Cake
    Diakon Cake
Cupcakes / Cake Flavors - All original creations
    *Drunken German Chocolate Cupcakes - Inspired by 512 Brewery
    *Tipsy Ispahan Cupcake - Inspired by Devrah Otten and Bill Norris
    *Irish Car Bomb Cupcake - Inspired by Home Brewers
    *Lush Black Forest Cupcakes - inspired by Chris and Kristen Speyer
    Boston Cream Cupcake - For my sister who loves Boston Cream Cupcakes
     Homemade Frozen Yogurt (with homemade yogurt)
     *Beer Brownies
Main Dishes
Side Dishes, Pasta, Snacks
    *Beer breads 
     *Butter Beer
     *Aqua Fresca


  1. Geez. For a second there, I thought you'd posted your Tipsy Ispahan recipe!

    Sigh. ;)

  2. I hadn't! I just wanted to make a post with a recipe archive so it would be easier to search for recipes.