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Monday, October 19, 2009

Meeting Alton Brown, the man who taught me how to make a cookie

One part nerd + one part geek + two parts food = Alton Brown.  Good Eats is not your ordinary cooking show.  It is one of the very few shows that breaks down cooking into a science.  The big nerd in my loved this show, and Alton taught me how to make cookies and cheesecake.  My cookies pre-Good Eats were epic failures.  My cheesecakes were worse.  They did a little rising and falling number.  Cheesecakes are never supposed to rise or fall.  Very few people knew about my cooking skills back in those days.  You didn't want to know them anyways.  Let's just say that Alton Brown helped me immensely with the baking curve. 
When I was invited to the Alton Brown media event at Whole Foods Downtown Austin, I nearly popped out of my skin.  I was going to meet the man himself.  I was excited, and on the day of, I was nervous as heck.  I think the last time I was nervous was sometime in the mid-90's.  Dog shows, speech and debate, being on television doesn't phase me at all.  But shaking hands and having a 30 second conversation with Alton Brown made my cortisol go wack.  Now that I'm calmer, let's move on to some photos.  A gigantic thanks to Whole Foods Austin

Outside the Whole Foods Culinary Center.

The cake.  It's chocolate.

The spine of the book cake.

With my Culinary Hero!

My photo came out blurry. 

This one is blurry too.  Oops.

Cook Smart!

A signed plate to be used at the Austin Empty Bowl Project to raise funds for the food bank.

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