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Monday, October 5, 2009

GO TEXAN Chef Showdown Results with Tummy Rumbling Photos

Last Wednesday night, 3 skilled chefs and hungry diners gathered at the Hyatt for the Go Texan Chef Showdown. I was lucky to be invited to this event as a judge as it was an event you didn't want to miss. Now get your eyes ready for a feast. All photos by John Knox.

Each chef was given a set of ingredients to prepare an appetizer and an entree.  The dishes were scored on flavor, Southwestern flair, and use of local ingredients. Here's the judges, huddled at our table.  I'm in the gray, second from the right. The menu for the evening follows. 

Chef Todd Duplechan of Trio
Appetizer – Shrimp Ceviche with cucumber and persimmons
Entrée – Poached Shrimp with smoked shrimp croquettes, corn puree, and market vegetable slaw
Chef Stephen  Bonin of Driskill Grill
Appetizer – Sous Vide Egg yolk with jalapeno shrimp noodle, cilantro sorbet, brown butter powder, and local greens with mustard and smoked paprika
Entrée – Pan Roasted Snapper with roasted tomato vinaigrette, sweet cilantro, sautéed okra, and grilled corn foam
Chef Kevin Dee of Southwest Bistro
Appetizer – Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with goat cheese mousse, pecan arugula pesto, and bacon lardonnes
Entrée – Elderberry Braised Lamb Shanks with Pure Luck hopelessly blue frits and persimmon chutney

The shrimp in Chef Todd's ceviche was especially fresh and sweet.  Perfectly paired with toasted pumpkin seeds. 

This winning entree of poached shrimp by Chef Todd reminded many judges for the Texas State Fair corn dogs.

Chef Todd plating it up. 

Deliciously buttery red snapper from Chef Stephen had a fresh and clean flavor.  It tasted like melting butter. Can't go wrong with butter. 

The Driskill plating up the Eggyolk Sous Vide along with that wonderful cilantro sorbet.

Butternut squash soup with a Pure Luck goat cheese mousse, arugula pesto, and bacon by Chef Kevin. The man has it right. Bacon and Cheese.

Roasting up the snapper in butter. 

Roasted lamb shanks with permission chutney and elderberry sauce by Chef Kevin.

 The cilantro sorbet by Chef Stephen was cool, refreshing, and one of the most surprising dishes that night.  I did love the cilantro sorbet.

For the People's Choice, Chef Kevin from Southwest Bistro won both the appetizer and the entree vote.  I also have to mention that the ice cream served that night at Southwest Bistro was amazingly creamy and delicious.  Do try the ice cream when you visit SWB.

For the Judge's Choice, Chef Todd from Trio won with his for the tasty shrimp dishes.

A big congrats to all the Chefs for their wonderful creations, and a big thanks to all who put this event together.  GOOOO TEXAN!

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