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Monday, November 16, 2009

Chemistry Kitchen with Chef Josh Watkins and Dr. Laude

I had the great pleasure in being invited to cover the first ever Chemistry Kitchen at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center.  The stars of the show (besides the food) were Chef Josh Watkins, Sous Chef Saul, and Chemistry professor, Dr. Laude.  The evening was fun, exciting, explosive, educational, humorous, and delicious.  I've only ever heard Josh say a few words before, but lo and behold, the Chef has got a sense of humor.  Pair that with the witty Dr. Laude, and this food loving scientist is very happy.  Check out the videos and photographs, and wait in anticipation for the next Chemistry Kitchen. 

The first cocktail was a blackberry and dry ice concoction. 

Chefs Josh and Chef Saul are playing with "hot tub" salmon.  It is really a sous vide.

He's offering up the 120 degree hot tub now that the salmon is done.

Salmon sous vide, shaved fennel salad, olive oil powder, and pistou. Perfectly cooked to 120 degrees and incredibly tender. 

Dr. Laude is truly an entertainer. 

Chef Saul and Chef Josh make liquid nitrogen ice cream.  Dr. Laude is skeptical about the hand held blender's horsepower.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean liquid nitrogen ice cream.  
  Video #1. Chef Josh Watkins and Dr. Laude team up to flambe flour, turning water Burnt Orange, and shoot dry ice guns.


Video #2. Dr. Laude caramelizes olive oil powder and shows us just how much energy is in a gummy bear.
Video #3. Dr. Laude uses liquid nitrogen to freeze bananas, flowers, and to shrink balloons.
Video #4. Chef Josh Watkins and Dr. Laude make Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen
Video #5. Dr. Laude creates a thunderstorm by dumping hot water into liquid nitrogen.

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  1. These videos are awesome! Thanks for sharing!