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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Restaurant Jezebel: Get your Foie Gras on!

This photo is of the reflection of the candle and flower from the next table in  my olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dish.
Restaurant Jezebel , 914 Congress Ave, Austin, TX, is quiet, dim, and a fantastic spot to get your foie gras on.  I visited Restaurant Jezebel the week after the staff had returned from a week long wine tour in Spain.  The executive chef was still there, enjoying himself I'm sure.  You can read about the history of the chef and restaurant here.  I felt that from the start to the end, the staff was perfectly trained and polished.  They were there when I thought about something, but not at all intrusive, almost ninja-like in their service.  The food was fantastic with the highlights being the foie gras and the French toast dessert. 

This is the salad of pan roasted seasonal tomato with Gorgonzola cheese & lump crab meat, finished with mild chipotle oil.  The tomato was wonderfully cooked, and even though it was roasted, it retained it's structure and shape very well.  I typically don't like huge chunks of tomato, but I love this dish.  The lump crab inside was sweet and succulent. 

The foie gras was simply fantastic.  Pan seared and served in a Thai chile sauce and balsamic vinegar reduction, this pricy appetizer is sure to please.  The outside is crispy with smoke, and the inside is rich and smooth.  Go ahead, order it.  You'll thank me later. 

Pan seared, tournedos of filet mignon, with truffled goat cheese and tomatillo demi.  Jezebel can do a mean steak.  I think the description does this dish justice. 

Fricasee of rabbit with mushrooms in a dijon cream sauce served over potatoes.  This dish was also wonderful with just a hint of mustard.  The dijon was perfectly balanced with the rabbit meat, which tastes like chicken in case you are wondering. 

"Waiter, there's a fly on my knife!"

Honey - lavender goat cheese stuffed French toast - Made with sweet Challah bread, served with Sri Lankan cinnamon ice cream and Vermont maple syrup.  This dessert was utterly delicious.  It is one of the best desserts in the world.  The flavor combination of the lavender goat cheese and buttery and crispy French toast is to die for.  Seriously, this dessert deserves some props.  I'm going to attempt to create a boozy version of it.  Cinnamon - maple goat cheese stuffed Challah bread French Toast topped with 512 Pecan Porter Ice Cream and 512 Pecan Porter Chocolate sauce.  

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  1. Daaaaaang. That all looks superb.

    I loves me some foie gras!